Thank you so very much for your kind support of Jeremiah Ministries!

May the Lord never forget your kindness and may He reward you with every heavenly blessing now and forever!

God and His Word belong back in the culture of our nation. Our Biblical musicals accomplish that assignment! Your support helps us bring His word to life on stage!

Over the last 34 years, we have written and produced four musicals, including the pioneering award-winning Messianic Gospel musical, "Rabboni" off-Broadway at The Perry Street Theatre, "Mendel & Moses" about the Exodus from Slavery to Freedom at The Century City Playhouse in Los Angeles, "The Time of Mendelís Trouble" about the Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation at The Beckett Theatre on 42nd Street off-Broadway, and "Esther, Sweet Esther."

Our musicals are anointed by Him with the spark of His Heavenly beauty and majestic loving-kindness, drawing His people to Him. Our works have been able to lead many people to Messiah Yeshua, and your financial help enables us to continue.

Thank you again, dear friends, and may God bless you for standing with us!

In His Love,
Jeremiah & Wendy Ginsberg


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